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BB - By Nizisaru

Blackberry - Cyber security, EV software. Making lots of contracts for their software, most recently with AWS. George's options report predicts a 18% increase in the run up to earnings, which is after Tuesday's market close. They're also expected to beat their earnings.

- 1h: Bullish candle, Oversold, Stochastics and CCI pointing up. But the volume went down and it is right at the hourly MA. - 4h: Hammer candle, Oversold, Stochastics and CCI pointing up, 8% from MA. Volume going down. - Daily: Bearish candle, Stochastics and CCI almost oversold, volume slightly down. 10% below the MA. - Reached the bottom of the new channel with a double bottom pattern. - The plan: a fast, 2 days earnings run up. Enter on Monday, exit before close on Tuesday. First price target @10$ is a well known resistance/support for BB. It would also complete the "W" pattern that formed. The Volume is kinda low, so it will probably reject - but that's still +4%. If the Volume picks up and it goes through, the price should reach the daily MA of ~10.5$ which is the second PT for a +8%. With good volume and good earnings, could still keep going up to the top of the channel, for a longer play, but that's very optimistic and I wouldn't advice holding for that long.