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JETS - By Desertfalcon

Airlines could be on it's way to break out to create a new support

This might be more of "Yeah, no shit?" sort of DD but I was waiting on signs of life/bull signals before I posted. I know we've been talking about travel recovery for a while now, so I know this won't be new info. JETS is an ETF that consists of North American airlines, so this can probably be loosely applied to other similar ETFs or individual stocks. TA This chart has shown 3 times in a row of a sideways wedge pattern then a 25% increase on the previous 2, I believe we're starting to see a breakout to the next 20-25% increase. Judging from previous recent patterns and old resistance lines, it'll likely settle around 31-32 in a month or two. FA Be aware, airlines are of course heavily news driven, but we're starting to see a lot more good news about covid-19 in the U.S. lately, so I expect these types of stocks/ETFs to rise significantly again pretty soon. Also, with tech stocks continuing to get hit, recovery/travel might be another option for money to flow in to.