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PYPL - By Desertfalcon

PayPal at support and also a gap fill

I know everyone has talked about the obvious gap fill play already on PayPal. But, now that the price dropped again, it is at the previous (well established) resistance line which makes at least the small gap above play more likely. Wait for sign of reversal but it seems pretty likely that it'll fill that gap at around $281.50. and then of course in the medium term, $297. Might want to wait for CCI to point upwards/signs of upward momentum. If the price breaks down below 273, stay away for now. That seems to be a strong resistance that might be hard to break through again in the short term. (correct me if I'm reading that wrong) I don't really have any FA on PayPay, but the trend has been great for a very long time, even before the pandemic. From what I can tell, current sentiment seems to still be positive despite last week's stumble.