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ADSK - By Desertfalcon

Autodesk - gap above, 6.35% upside potential

- The stock fell sharply after positive earnings report - about a 6.5% gap was created - it's sitting on some pre-established support - the stock has been on an up-trend for... honestly years - looking through the history, the stock has never not filled it's up-gaps - under 20d moving average - no real bad news reported on the company that I could find which could be good for a quick and more confident recovery to fill the gap and continue upwards - anecdotal evidence: as a senior game-dev artist, I can say that most companies still use Autodesk products for a lot of different things, only other serious competition is Blender which is mostly community supported - wait for confirmation of recovery - around 320 or a little higher - might take a few days to start back up again, watch for higher volume - target is 340