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PLAY - By infect

PLAY might come down

Daily shows almost a shooting star. Although the volume went up on Friday, I think it's because of overall bullish setiment on Friday. CCI shows overbought on daily. Stoch not yet, but line are crossing and momentum can change. My plan will be looking at the market open and to see if it runs and then starts turning. If I get confirmation intra-day that momentum is turning, then I might enter a short position. Might not me on Monday but at some point next week. They will have earnings on 31.03, which will not be great. Will be interesting see if there is a pump before that and then a bigger drop-off. So I am not entering before I get confirmation that bears are back. Target would be 20 MA, but most likely setting a trialing stop-loss before that. I aint fucking shorting PLAY too long.