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APT - By itsh0nda

(Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd)

TA: Long downtrend for last 4 months since beginning of February. Has bounced off a long term support and reversed now for the 4th time in the past 2 months. Today, went above 20MA with higher volume. Stochastic shows strength pointing upward. Today’s candle is the most bullish candle you can have. We can see there is a wide divergence from the 200MA (12.07), so this momentum should help to close that divergence. There is a gap above the market at 12.05 to help with this thesis as well. Gaps are like gravity. Enter at your own risk. I see much further potential with this stock in the short term. Healthcare bull seasonality play is summer through late fall. Mixed with techs bullish run through mid July for seasonality, there could be further upside. I'll be keeping my eye out for the run to 10.71 (0.236 fib), could be a very real short term target. Weekly chart shows oversold with CCI curling up. Monthly chart also shows oversold, doji with higher volume. Decision time. Enter wisely!